4Sight: The $44 for 88 minute Offer

The simplest way to learn about the power and potential of the 4Sight Model is to see how it applies to any dilemma you may be experiencing. Here's how you can do that...

  • Setup a phone conversation.
  • Talk about whatever challenge or conflict you are experiencing in your personal, work or public life.
    Our Podcast Series can give you some idea as to how that will go, for personal/non-work issues at least.
  • End the conversation at any point up until the 88 minutes, then process what we have spoken about.
  • If you feel it was worth it, pay us only $44. If you do not, you owe us absolutely nothing. The call is on us.

The 4Sight Model is the behavior panacea.
Learn more about how you and others think so you can...

Peace of mind

Become a better employee. Become a better manager. Become a better person.

Clarity is a phone call away. We are ready to discuss whatever is challenging your mind.
Email us for details.

Priorities for Change
What is the top "thing" in your life (or two even) where you could use some input, help or guidance?

We all have the same desires; success at work, happiness in relationships, nourishment at our table, fun with friends, stability in our residence, excitement at entertainment, peace with our family, health with our body, financial freedom, and so on. And, when pressed for an answer, we can usually come up with at least a couple items that are important to us that could be better. Things where we feel we could either fix something that is not going as planned or improve something that is, say, just mediocre.

Is it easy to identify what you might want to work on? If not, that could be an issue too, because, really, life is all about living, which means growth and doing. Everyone *should* have priorities for change although they may not jump out at us. Nonetheless, even if you are not a person in obvious conflict, so to speak, you will still have some issues, perhaps in the nagging sense, that have been chronic and elusive. The thing to note is that, ultimately, we all engage in some self-sabotaging behavior that undermines something we want. That is where the 4Sight Model comes in.

If you want some help understanding what is going on with you and, more importantly, what you can do (or not do) to attain your goal, let us know.

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