Emotional Alignment

Emotional Alignment - a life of minimal conflict and great reward - can be achieved by integrating the knowledge of the 4Sight Model into your life via the 4Sight Process.

The 4Sight Model is a behavior heuristic. It gives you a way to understand how you think and what drives your actions and inactions. When coupled with the Process it enables improvement. When you learn how to manage your emotions you can effect change in your life. At a base level, you reduce the conflict you experience so you can be happier and more independent

Press releases are available for our Emotions Expert Booth - where you can see, hear and feel the 4Sight Model and Process in action - and Emotional Alignment - the branding / messaging campaign around our unique approach to Emotional Intelligence.

If you want to know how a web/software developer comes up with a groundbreaking psychological discovery, here's the Genesis story to give you some idea as to how that happened.

At the core of 4Sight are the 4 Cathartic Questions, the DNA of behavior. You may think that is over-simplifying how we think. When you read / hear it in action (below), you will begin to see how these base components drive everything.

Finally, if you want to delve into the validity of the Model and approach - perhaps needing some more information before you're willing to consider a meeting or moving forward with some coaching or workshops - Insights into the 4 Questions will give you an idea of how the 4Sight Model explains behavior.

Seeking: organizations that have the courage to let 4Sight empower their staff. There is nothing more effective. We will donate a month's worth of time in exchange for testimonials. You will be getting the deal of a lifetime.

Learn about our Emotions Expert Booth.

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