Emotional Alignment

Press releases are available for our Emotions Expert Booth - where you can see, hear and feel the 4Sight Model and Process in action - and Emotional Alignment - the branding / messaging campaign around our unique approach to Emotional Intelligence.

If you want to know how a web/software developer comes up with a groundbreaking psychological discovery, here's the Genesis story to give you some idea as to how that happened.

At the core of 4Sight are the 4 Cathartic Questions, the DNA of behavior. You may think that is over-simplifying how we think. When you read / hear it in action (below), you will begin to see how these base components drive everything.

Finally, if you want to delve into the validity of the Model and approach - perhaps needing some more information before you're willing to consider a meeting or moving forward with some coaching or workshops - Insights into the 4 Questions will give you an idea of how the 4Sight Model explains behavior.

Seeking: organizations that have the courage to let 4Sight empower their staff. There is nothing more effective. We will donate a month's worth of time in exchange for testimonials. You will be getting the deal of a lifetime.

Learn about our Emotions Expert Booth.

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