4Sight: Individual Coaching Series
We have emotions for a reason. They enable our collaboration with others by moderating our behavior. The 4Sight system fosters that natural homogenization process by giving people the knowledge as to how emotions are supposed to work, then giving them tools to implement that knowledge in their daily lives. Our coaching system acts as a guide to ensure and expedite the integration process. We have helped dozens of people and are now offering coaching in exchange for our filming the transformation. Our goal is to give people concrete examples of how we are able to affect behavioral change when people have been unable or unwilling to do so on their own. If you believe you might be a candidate, read on and see if you might be a good fit.

Step 1: submit a request (commitment)
Whether responding to one of our online ads or learning about our process otherwise, candidates are asked to submit a paragraph briefly describing the challenges they are experiencing in life. Inherent in this step is the notion that you want change and are willing to include others - not just 4Sight - in that process.

Step 2: email screening (goals)
Candidates are asked to list one or two achievable short-term goals and confirm the ability to meet for four weekly follow-ups should both they and 4Sight agree to proceed after the initial fact-finding and plan-setting meeting.

Step 3: initial interview (analysis)
Without commitment on either side, we film an initial interview with candidates and our Emotions Expert. We offer a no-pressure situation to ensure a candidate sees value in our process before agreeing to additional meetings.

The interview takes about two hours. We gather background information, hear challenges being experienced, agree on a couple near-term goals, discuss the related 4Sight four-core questions, and assemble an improvement plan.

Step 4: follow-up (integration)
The whole goal of the 4Sight Model is to empower you to engage in the self-improvement you desire. That invariably includes your incorporating your "ecosystem", all those with whom you interact on a regular basis. While traditional therapy fosters privacy, we believe your group should be involved. After all, we are all ultimately answerable to each other, so why not enlist others to help us become more effective in life? Tending to emotions isn't a sign of weakness. Failing to act positively on them is.

A groundbreaking new TV show is shooting a pilot right here in Portland. In exchange for filming a half-dozen interactions with our expert adviser, you will be the beneficiary of a radical new approach to behavioral change. We are seeking personable and articulate adults living in Multnomah county aged 18-30.

This is an unpaid role received in exchange for free coaching with a small time requirement (< 10 hours). If you think you might be a good match for this unique opportunity, send us an email describing your challenge(s) with any questions you may have and we will send you more details. We look forward to hearing from you.

-The 4Sight Model Team

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