4Sight Radical 4

Four revolutionary ideas to make America stable again.

1. International Farm Exchange
Invite farmer families from every continent in the world paid for by the federal government to come to the US and work the land side-by-side with American farmers ensuring safety, communication and the open exchange of information.
Primary lesson: replace fear with cooperation.

2. Primary Education Computer-Based-Training Initiative
Begin converting as much universally agreed to STEM education to be delivered via multimedia-based courses following standard rules of instructional design. Including existing teacher re-training in production skills and add new emotional intelligence curriculum with inner-city and poverty stricken neighborhoods as first and free adopters of all new coursework.
Primary lesson: replace old school with new school.

3. New Parent Support
Immediately fund the food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, babysitting and vocational training needs of single and/or poverty stricken parents with children who have yet to start first grade.
Primary lesson: replace dead-ends with on-ramps.

4. Drug Peace Program
Legalization of all drugs at the federal level and the release of all those jailed and imprisoned purely for drug usage / non-violent reasons. Replace all drug usage offenses will required mental health rehabilitation programs, develop drug testing paraphernalia for all law enforcement agencies, and promote vocational training for all previously incarcerated individuals.
Primary lesson: replace interdiction with education.

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