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There is nothing quite like hearing and reading about 4Sight in action to understand the power and potential of the concept. Below are a variety of writings (and some recordings!) showing how 4Sight has been implemented and can be intergrated into life.
Podcasts and a Blog in which you may be interested.
A 4-part article series
"Your Self" Thoughts can be Inaccurate
"Your Circle" Inaccurate thoughts cause Conflict
"Your Group" We are engulfed in Conflict
"Your World" End the conflict or it will End us
The problem is not the problem
I love that phrase. It's a common pattern. In this case I'm referring to the fact that we make life complicated and see behavior like some type of black box. Honestly, it's pretty simple. We look at the past to plan for the future. That’s it. I will admit that the emotional filter in that process makes things complicated. However, if we made ourselves accountable, the problem would more or less go away. Skeptical? I'm happy to talk to you about that, even if you don't engage any services. Consider it a gift. Because once you start applying 4Sight, it will literally change the way you look at life. And once you understand 4Sight, you’ll know exactly why I wouldn’t withhold it from anyone.
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