4Sight is a system that provides the insights, rules, vocabulary and procedures needed to help manage the emotions that sabotage us all. You and/or your organization can unleash your true potential. Now offering public presentations to get you started.

Insights [to understand development]
You don’t need a psychology or other degree to understand how behavior is learned. Welcome news as all parents need a simple approach to raising emotionally healthy children.

Rules [to guide life]
We can’t figure out how to get to a destination until we know what that is. We all have a common goal.

Vocabulary [to promote communication]
You can throw away Myers–Briggs, DISC, and even the "Big Five". The 4Sight Model offers a much simpler way of looking at how your behavior is determined.

Procedure [to yield progress]
You don’t need therapy or the DSM. You only need one formula that you can use alone or, preferably, with your circle to effect behavioral change.

Do you understand (your) emotions? You really should. Take this short 4 question quiz to see what you do know.
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Our own "Personal Conflict" Podcast Series with intriguing insights on emotions.
Why is Self Esteem Important?, an article to which we contributed.
Alternatives to Collaborating With Mental Health Issues, a Podcast interview where we espouse the benefits of using the 4Sight Model at work.
Question Everything...
  • Change the way we Think
  • Elevate the Discussion
  • Make People Accountable
  • Effect Cooperative Solutions
In the beginning...
4Sight was born out of a desire to give people a simple system to help them understand why they do what they do. And, if they were so inclined, a straightforward method to change that behavior. This objective was driven by numerous factors, although the largest was seeing people struggle with life in general and with the current system specifically.
The nature of 4Sight's two component system is mostly aligned with the current healthcare model, where there are five categories. Mood Disorders are respresented in self-esteem (SE) issues, and Anxiety and Eating Disorders are represented in self-confidence (SC) issues. Shizophrenic/Psychotic Disorders are seen as a person with severe or extreme SE and/or SC issues. Dementias are not correlated to some extent and that's because we see these more as bioligical issues - the breakdown of the brain and supporting systems as we age, have genetic defects or disease/injury - although we believe there is validity that honest and accurate thought processes can keep your brain healthy the same way muscles are kept from atrophy. Nonetheless, separate from this physical realm, 4Sight squarely posits the other issues as being developmental. In other words, SE and SC are processes we learn mostly after we're born. Our jury is still out on the in utero effects as that should invariably have some impact, even if minimal. Regardless, we wholly promote the knowledge that the brain remains forever plastic. You can change the way you think. 4Sight can show you how.
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