4Sight: Seminars

4Sight seminars are one-hour presentations geared towards business or the general public (listed below) with the latter tending to be more standalone/self-sufficient. Contact us if you'd like to host one.

Upcoming Seminars
Advance tickets are available per the links below. Admission at the door will be on a sliding scale.

Promote Parenting
Tue Dec. 11, 6:30-7:30
TaborSpace (Tickets)
5441 SE Belmont St.
Wrestle Work
Tue Dec. 18, 6:30-7:30
TaborSpace (Tickets)
5441 SE Belmont St.

Seminars Available

Specifics Group
Wrestle Work
Handle bad bosses and co-workers.
Promote Parenting
Raise emotionally healthy children.
Reap Relationships
Learn the partner principle.
Decrease Drama
Manage difficult people.
General Group
Love Life
Find peace through emotions.
Change Behavior
Unlock the momentum secret.
Gain Self-control
Increase your independence.
Build Self-love
Augment your happiness.

Feel free to email us at founder@4SightModel.com to vote for the seminar of interest.

More presentations coming.

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