In early 2015, the founder of 4Sight along with a psychologist friend set off to develop a "self-help mental-health web site for youth experiencing adversity". Two years later two things became clear. The first was that reaching this audience would be problematic. After all, these kids were experiencing challenges, so the people who were their gatekeepers were likely ignorant of their problems or directly responsible for them. The second was a more profound conclusion.

The single best way to help anyone is by adding to their (psychological) resilience. What resilience is, how it is acquired and how to increase it is all part of 4Sight, an emotional intelligence system to help you manage and improve your own behavior as well as that of others. When EQ is properly integrated into your daily routine, you will gain psychological resilience. It may take a while to get there, but you now have access to a concrete idea as to where you want to be as well as the tools needed to help you get there. The information on this web site can get you started. If you are looking for seminars, workshops, programs and one-on-one consulting, contact us today.

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