Updated: Feb. 26, 2022

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User Study (March 2022)
Our micro-integration plan if we ever get to advise on policy.
Coaching Services have resumed albeit sparingly.

Insight videos Web site TV show concept
Emotional alignment via CORE
Self-help emotional wellness
Emotions Explained
Pt 1: 15 min.
(TV show concept)
The Redefined Series
Narcissm Redefined (13 min) Depression Redefined (10 min) Anxiety Redefined (8 min)

Welcome to 4Sight; a collection of web sites and social media content based upon our proprietary behavior Model with a simple goal: open-source emotional wellness. You are currently on our corporate site. We have a GoFundMe campaign. There's also a web page describing the shows planned for this fall.

Our Other Web Site

Emotional Alignment
o A new approach to mental health

Social Media





Emotions Expert
Some concepts produced as pilot material for a TV/streaming show.

In Action
Tid-bits from exhibiting the "Emotions Expert" booth at street fairs.

Emotions Hacker
Pre-canned tutorial-oriented educational content espousing the 4Sight approach to managing behavior.


Cell: 971-808-8665

A pseudo background on the founder.

We are currently seeking (July 2020):
(Portland area only at this point as you'll need to come to us in inner SE)

  • Interviewees
    People willing to be recorded one-on-one (you are more than welcome to bring someone with you) while I coach you for use in my social media. Currently accepting volunteers for the week of July 27.
  • Audience members
    I plan on giving specific topic-based presentations (i.e. learning how to stick up for yourself, overcoming indecisiveness...), initially in my living room (I can host up to 10 people safely social-distanced). You will be able to raise questions and participate in interactive discussions. These sessions would also be recorded and used on my social media sites. Looking to do the first of these in August.
  • Beta-testers
    The Emotional Alignment web site is designed to be a self-help emotional wellness (which we also define as mental health and emotional intelligence) system. Essentially, a person would go through the Change process to improve their quality of life. That is principally done by
    • coming up with a challenge list (i.e. two things that you want to change or where you want to see improvement including a way to measure progress),
    • identifying what the root cause is (using our unique behavior model),
    • Then using the CORE (the 4 steps) system to effect change.
    Hoping to get this started mid-July.

Check out our Behavioral Health to mental health comparison to learn why we think the existing field needs to be revamped if not completely thrown out.

We are testing out offering chat sessions online for those who would like speak to the founder, David. Check out our first one-hour event, scheduled for this Sunday, July 12, at 18:00 PDT (Portland, OR). For other lengths, times and days, please send us an email at the address at the bottom.

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