4Sight: Shows
Updated: 8/13/2020

4Sight is developing pilot shows based upon the three concepts for release on our YouTube channel.

The Reality TV-show
Our biggest plan and the one we're working on first, "Emotions Explained" is a 6-episode show (format details) series created to introduce viewers to the 4Sight Model, a new approach to emotional wellness. The series will lead off with the "Stories with 4Sight" episode, then one show each on the four building block emotions (shame, guilt, fear and worry) and finishing with a specialty episode (parenting is currently planned).

The Podcast
Includes short-form coaching via call-ins and studio visitors.

The Edutainment
Shows geared towards insights into behavior and emotion, often around specific subjects (what makes for a happy relationship, how to deal with toxic people...).

More details for episode 1
"Stories with 4Sight" explains the background of a groundbreaking new approach to looking at how we think. Told through conversations with dozens of people being introduced to the behavior model and follow-up interviews to hear how the new knowledge has impacted their lives for the better. Gain invaluable insights to help you better understand yourself and others. Debuting fall, 2020. If you think you'd like to participate in this show, please send us an email.

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