4Sight Founder

Creator of the 4Sight Model, David Straub, founded his first company while pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He continued to achieve great success while gaining—and then supplying—all the skills needed for supporting an internet presence from network configuration and server administration, to site design and software development. He was the CTO for small start-ups, project lead for Fortune-500 companies—and always the person to whom all those on the team came and interacted with in order to bring the effort to a timely and within-budget conclusion.

These experiences taught him that the iterative, inclusive and straightforward processes and rapid application development techniques that he used to meet business requirements, could also be adapted and applied to a human behavior modification system designed to build resiliency—and the idea for the 4Sight Model was born.

David began testing his model on colleagues, friends and family who came to him seeking his counsel on all manner of challenges and problems. Each time David applied his methods, those he was assisting achieved success and made headway in overcoming their problems.

With each success, David became less interested in programming computers and more interested in helping people learn how to reprogram their own behavior to achieve greater happiness, healthier relationships, and successful careers. He became passionate about putting into practice all he learned over the prior three decades managing adults, raising children, and working with friends.

In early 2015, David enlisted the help of his friend, psychologist Dr. Peter Grover. David had an idea around creating a "self-help mental-health web site for youth experiencing adversity". Over the course of the next two years David read religiously on the subject of mental health, applying his self-taught knowledge to concepts that were readily agreed to and understood within the mental health care community. He also learned much of what the current state of care was from what he read, and what Peter knew as an active leader and contributor. David knew that more could be done to help people in need. And, while the exact nature of the content of the youth-driven web site eluded him, the 4Sight Model began to coalesce.

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