Behavioral Health

4Sight distinguishes behavioral health - supported by the unique brand of emotional wellness we offer - from mental health - the government regulated field of therapy and professionals. Below we list the shortcomings of the field today while explaining our corresponding benefit or the reason for our criticism.

Mental Behavioral
Stigmatized terminology There is something inherently wrong with a system that's supposed to make you feel better uses labels like disorder that make you feel bad.
Convoluted diagnoses Identifying "problems" shouldn't require our checking off an arbitrary list of items that looks more like an order for a wedding reception.
Ad-hoc treatment Getting better shouldn't be some custom, hard to define and harder to measure list of objectives.
Secretive We shouldn’t have to hide our issues. We should be able to share the terms with others and, really, enlist their help as well.
Strictly scheduled Spending an hour at a pre-defined weekly time does nothing for supporting us when we need it most. When the conflict is occurring.
Cost restrictive When treatment is expensive it keeps help away from people who need it most.
Confusing labeling The labeling system shouldn’t be some proprietary and meaningless verbiage with no other value other than to summarize a problem.
Qualitative metrics As the NIMH pointed out when the revoked funding for the DSM, assistance needs to be a measurable, quantitative system.
Certification required Our well being shouldn’t be monopolized by academics and professionals, especially those without any efficact requirements.
Self-admission dependent Behavioral issues shouldn’t be limited to those who have the courage to admit they need help. Truth be told, we all have them.
Specialty knowledge Raising an emotionally healthy child shouldn't require the assistance of a PhD. This is knowledge we should all have, especially parents and teachers.
Restricted access The knowledge of emotions itself should be covered in every tear of schooling from kindergarten until we graduate college with teachers who specialize in emotional intelligence.
Trait pockets Behavior occurs along a spectrum - not in isolated islands - and it is dynamic given our daily and yearly situation.
Limitless Improvement should be achieved over a certain time period and recurrence should be viewed as failure.

Final fact: In 2015, the NIMH pulled further funding from the DSM, stating that it was not scientifically valid.

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