Personal Development / Life Coaching Services

Our coaching program generally consists of one to five sessions where the former is a tactical approach to a specific problem you are encountering and the latter being a more involved behavioral change.

Sliding Scale Payment
All services are provided with a satisfaction guarantee and based upon the honor system. If you are happy with the session, use our online system afterwards to send us the funds you can afford and for the value you believe we offered.

Emotions Inventory
In either case the first session includes a 4Sight Model analysis. We start with a brief intro into who you are and where you are at followed by a discussion of what you see as your current impasse. From that you’ll get an orientation into our four social emotions system where we’ll show you the area where you seem to need the most work. Most people have one main deficit with an occasional secondary issue also involved. We’ll finish by correlating this weak point with the coping strategies you engage in as a result and suggest a basic plan of action. For some people that’s enough to get them going in the direction they want.

For those requiring a deeper dive we offer follow-on sessions which are a combination of adjusting the strategy covered in our first meeting along with more insights to enable integration. When problems are more entrenched we have issues seeing how the core issue is at work. We can also be so used to our maladaptive strategies that we have problems accepting personal responsibility. Regardless, we use this additional time to get you to a point where you can be self-directed. This typically includes our covering the 4Sight Process as is embodied in our CORE flowchart. While we are not therapists this is our cognitive-behavior-therapy-like (CBT) system for helping you to get your thoughts under control.

For further information or to book an introductory coaching session, email us at coach@4SightModel.com. All our advice is doled out with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t find the session to be helpful, you owe us nothing.

We look forward to hearing from you. We are certain that you have never experienced nothing like it. Get 4Sight today to own your tomorrow.

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