What is "Emotions Explained"?

EE is our all-encompassing product strategy with the single mission of changing the way people think. Check out the event and booklet information below.

The "Emotions Explained" Forum
Doors at 6:30, event from 7-8
January 23 in the Browsing lounge
Smith Memorial Student Union at PSU
Reserved seating available

What is the event like?
The EE forum is an interactive event where we film the studio audience asking our Emotions Expert questions around various life challenges.

Why are we holding this event?
We are producing a pilot TV show (two actually!) for potential broadcast over the air or streaming on the Internet. It is also a great way to learn more about the 4Sight Model and see it in action.

How do we come up with our insights?
The 4Sight Model is a revolutionary new behavior heuristic. It gives people an easy way to understand how they think so they can better manage their actions and statements. When giving answers, our resident Expert covers knowledge on an as-need basis while discussing how it is integrated in specific situations.

More Information
Check out our YouTube channel to see the Expert in action with the "Booth" at a Portland-area street fair.

We also have a 7-part Intro series covering the Model and Process.

Reserved seating is available in advance at EventBrite. Any remaining space will be distributed for free at the door the night of the event.

Connect with us on LinkedIn to share the event with co-workers, clients and professional acquaintances.

Use our Facebook event to share with friends and family.

We are still refining the poster, but have a draft version available for those interested in helping us get the word out.

Finally, we have an ePub and print version of our teachings on the web at sites like Amazonand Barnes and Noble . The booklet is a concise introduction to the 4Sight Model, covering the key points of our unique approach to emotional intelligence while highlighting the differences with existing systems and definitions. It is chock full of new ideas and is designed to be a reference system, assisting the transition to a new way of looking at how you think and what drives your behavior. Each page is a catalyst for change. The booklet is 44 pages with an estimated total read time of 88 minutes.

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