Instruction and Integration Vehicles

To help organizations take advantage of the 4Sight Model, we offer seminars - targeted, one-hour presentations on specific topics - and workshops - half-day and full-day sessions - that are higher-level but also include tactical advice that give you concrete tools to use, enabling immediate benefit.

For groups with a longer-term goal, we offer multi-week (typically 4, 8 and 16) programs that are geared towards creating true cultural change. These larger initiatives can be interspersed with small group and one-on-one meetings to assist with specific problems as well as to support the multipliers, those within the organization who will help reinforce that which Is learned in the workshops.

For all situations, custom consulting is available on an as-need and hourly or daily basis. Note that seminars are currently limited to the greater Portland, OR area which includes Seattle when booking back-to-back.

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