4Sight Seminar: Change Behavior

Unlock the momentum secret.

While the 1.0 version of our brain is in place by the time we're age three, it remains forever plastic. In other words, change is always possible. Learn how to alter your direction and a new path will be yours.

We're born with billions of neurons, and during our development they connect to become synapses as they encode what we experience and learn. For better or worse, the things we do again and again literally have a physical representation of their repetition. Memories, whether or not they are accurate, become reinforced. In order to alter any pattern, we need to create new pathways by taking things in via our five senses. We are unable to simply "think" ourselves out of something, "processing" as some refer to it. Only through action - something we say or do - are we able to begin going down a new path. Learn how to be mindful and drill down on your cognitive distortions.

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