4Sight Seminar: Decrease Drama

Manage difficult people.

It's all about your ecosystem - everything you choose to do and everyone with whom you interact. Regardless of the circles in which you choose to run, imperfections will be present. Build the group, and we'll all be the better for it.

Challenges in life are inevitable, if not expected. However, when it becomes conflict - which implies that the problems are ongoing or chronic - that suggests that you're contributing to the question. Eventually some turbulence will arise with any person with whom you regularly interact. However, what you do with that moment is key. It can either be an opportunity to get closer or it can push you apart. Going your separate ways may be the best route to go, but before that happens, we'll help you isolate the issues so that you can determine how you may be contributing to the problem. Plus, we'll give you some key skills to minimize any sabotaging you may be doing. More importantly, we'll teach you how to make others accountable. After all, you can pass the problem along to someone else, but you should at least give someone explanation why before you do that.

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