4Sight Seminar: Love Life

Find peace through emotions.

Understanding the meaning of life requires your understanding the Model. We all have one in our head and it determines how we look at the past and how we plan for the future. Learn how to determine when that Model is misleading you and adjustment is needed.

When we're born we learn by giving meaning to our emotions. The first iteration of that process is planted into our brains by the time we're age three. Fortunately, any shortcomings in those teachings can be corrected throughout our entire life as the brain remains forever plastic. However, flaws can be reinforced during our youth and become entrenched by the time we reach adulthood, yielding undesirable behavior. The worst part is that the resulting physical sensations, even if they're from an erroneous conclusion, work really fast. The result is that what we refer to as our gut - aka our instincts, intuition, sixth sense, whatever you want to call it - can mislead us. After all, feelings are strong, and when our body reacts we are inclined to let our higher-level reasoning fill in the blanks. Learn how to challenge that conclusion and you'll forever change your life as you go from reacting to observing. Don't avoid feeling bad. Work to feel better.

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