4Sight Seminar: Reap Relationships

Learn the partner principle.

It's a zero-sum game. If you're winning, they're losing. It's not about being right. It's about being successful. Gain the ability to be collaborative and you'll improve your interactions with everyone; friends, family and certainly those you cherish the most.

We are a social creature, so relationships are inevitable. However, there is no universally agreed-to guideline on how to make them work, and there may be a very simple explanation for that. There's too many variables. We are social because we have emotions. And that means that each party will likely bring some emotional deficits to the equation. What those are and how to manage them is what this seminar covers. This is especially important because intimate bonds are where we're both the most vulnerable and the least educated. As with all seminars we'll give you some key takeaways so you can immediately start to see some benefit. Let the loving begin.

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