4Sight Seminar: Gain Self-control

Increase your independence.

Determining our future requires action, but it also involves inaction. Engaging in unproductive or even destructive activity will undermine progress. Learn how to drive behavior that makes sense.

4Sight defines self-confidence as how you plan for the future. It involves two basic skills; discretion - the ability to choose what to do - and perseverance - the ability to adjust along the way to make something successful, which can also include knowing when to walk away from something. If we don't have enough supporting experience in these two areas - or worse, the experience we did have wasn't as constructive as it should have been - we'll have deficits which will lead us to feel fear and worry. In this seminar you'll how those voids came to be and what you can do about them so that progress can become yours and you can take care of yourself. Don't be dependent upon others for your future. Choose and make your life what you want it to be.

At the core of self-confidence issues is the fact that you inaccurately prioritize the consequences of a statement or an action. When you think about something in the future that worries you, consider that you're concerned about something that you can handle. You may be overestimating the challenge of a consequence and even the likelihood that it will occur at all. In some instances you'll even be able to understand that you may fail but if you don't try you'll lose the ability to succeed. And in some situations you'll be able to see that regardless of the outcome, the ramifications are not that bad and/or easily corrected with other action. Over time you will reduce your worry about the future as you replace those thought processes with action, and see that you succeed a majority of the time, even if it includes corrective steps. And, if you replace the time worrying and the loss from inaction with attempts at success, you will greatly increase your constructive behavior. The best decision is normally the one that you pursue. And when it isn't, you've learned that failing is a part of trying to succeed. You can't achieve success without risking failure.

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