4Sight Seminar: Building Self-love

Combat the root of depression

Not everyone learns that they matter, forever being subservient. Plus, that inner negative voice will kill your desire to act. You may be able to do for others, but you need to do for yourself first. Learn how to teach yourself that you matter too.

4Sight defines self-esteem as how you look at the past. It determines how you perceive the present. It involves two basic questions; do I like myself and do I value myself. Essentially, you wonder if you matter, and when you realize you do you gain the desire to act. If we don't have enough supporting experience in these two areas - or worse, the experience we did have wasn't as constructive as it should have been - we'll have deficits which will lead us to feel shame and guilt. In this seminar you'll how those voids came to be and what you can do about them so that satisfaction can be yours and you can be happy. Don't base your life around serving others. Do for yourself, then you can do for everyone else.

At the core of self-esteem issues is the fact that you inaccurately assess the negative and the positive of past events. When someone says something that makes you feel bad, maybe you can agree with what they said and understand that you're imperfect, not bad. In some instances you'll even be able to understand that they're saying something mean because they don't like the way that they feel. Regardless you have to take new action and get positive feedback to prove that you are a good person. Over time you will reduce your negative view of yourself and increase your positive view. You'll be changing your assessment of the past with fact-based evidence.

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