4Sight Seminar: Wrestle Work

Handle bad bosses and co-workers.

Your job shouldn't have to include dealing with the undesirable behavior of others. However, it is very likely that you'll encounter this situation. While it may not be your job to manage others, understanding how others think will give you the ability to improve your interactions with them.

The co-worker most likely to be your source of ire is your boss. The old "getting promoted to your level of incompetence" has some validity to it, but perhaps in a way different than what you imagine. That's because the person who's usually most competent at a technical skill gets promoted. Unfortunately, they may not have any people skills. In fact, their leadership acumen may be downright lousy. Don't fret though, all is not lost. We'll give you some key skills to help you manage the manager.

The curriculum for this seminar will likely borrow from the External Focus seminar.

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