4Sight: "Emotions Explained" show format
Dec. 7, 2020: video samples for many of the sections below to be added shortly.
Intro Opening segment with standard overview and highlights from the current episode
Guest: week 1 An introduction to the person being coached.
Segment 1: The Booth The "Emotions Expert" booth in action. In example, a street fair in Portland, OR.
Guest: week 2 Update on progress. Refinement of strategy.
Segment 2: The Wise Professor An education segment with our resident emotions expert covering a unique insight on how our minds work. In example, "Proper Parenting".
Guest: week 3 Further integration of the 4Sight Model approach to managing behavior.
Segment 3: The Stoic Reporter An overview of top news segments like you've never heard before. Understanding the emotions that drive societal conflict. In example, "Homelessness Unending".
Guest: week 4 Continued fine-tuning of the guest's program.
Segment 4: The Moderate Moderator A group discussion on various life's challenges including divorce, depression/anxiety and abuse.
Guest: week 5 A final meeting with the client to see how they're doing after a month.
Outro Standard closing clip with highlights from the next episode.

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