Genesis: The RAD argument for 4Sight and against science

Anything around behavior, like the system that 4Sight puts forth for understanding why you think the way you do, must invariably reconcile itself with our mental healthcare field. And to be fair, there are plenty of overlaps and inspirations that can be credited. At the same time, the current system needs a serious overhaul if not being replaced altogether. There are plenty of studies that discuss problems around access, effectiveness, stigma and even process. The advantage of the replacement option is that a new approach can incorporate the preferred objectives from inception; making it simple, open, efficient, universal, and, best of all, something that any person can do without the need for external assistance. After all, independence is the end game so the system iteself should promulgate that. That logic is why we felt 4Sight should probably be independent as well.

If you start with the trailblazing precept, proof becomes an element. When you build something that is, to a large extent, new, there is no precedent. Opponents and skeptics alike will look for evidence, ask about research, and question if this new things is science at all or even remotely valid. To that audience there is a two-part answer.

First, we consider one of the axioms that 4Sight states as a reuqirement for change: be willing to challenge everything. Accordingly, we wonder why this question is asked. Why is it important. And the answer to that may lie in the question itself. We don’t have systems today that are working well in the public or private sectors. In many respects, disaster abounds. Recognizing that people think that by adding "certification" requirements that we can meet our mission. That statement alone is problematic. However, even if you use science in a book or even claim that a book is science, that won't guarantee anything. It may mean that a scientist in a controlled situation showed something. But will it scale, can you as a non-scientist implement it successfully, and will all the pieces of science needed even work together and help you achieve your goal. If it works for them will it even work for you? That seems like way too many ifs - and there are more - when you're looking for a solution. Wouldn’t it be better to take a common sense approach, something that everyone can see as logical on it's own? That segue's into the other part of this answer.

The 4Sight "proof" is achieved in a really straightforward manner. It is self-evident. Let me use an analogy to explain. If you sit in a car, turn on the engine and put it in drive, you’ll start to move (ok, automatic transmission presumed) as long as you’re not pressing the brake. And other than turning the wheel you quickly know all you need to know in order to drive. You don’t have to know all the science of combustion engines or disc brakes or any of the other member systems that make it all happen. You certainly don’t have to build your own car. You just get in and go. All you do is emply a few basic instructions and you see for yourself the end result. Voila! Proof obtained.

The great thing about this approach is that you spend all your time learning how to drive *well* which makes the most sense rather than how you are able to drive. And that’s how 4Sight is posited. We can explain the basics in about five minutes. You can then use your own brain to not only deduce the sense of it, but to apply it to how you think and see if it works. There is one catch, and that's the need to be honest. While that may seem simple, 4Sight itself explains people's inabilty to be honest as the core perpetuator of SE and SC issues. After all, someone can deny something - what's going on in their head, what their intention is - until the day the die. Nonethess, given the requirement, the process itself is just that direct and easy. You decide. No one tells you that you have to take their word for it.

Now that we’ve established where 4Sight is coming from, we need to talk about rapid application development (RAD) because 4Sight really isn’t radical. As of this writing 4Sight is over a year in the making, but that’s really the translation, refinement and testing of the final product. The approach itself has literally been in the making since I was a teenager. Once again, there are two key components supporting that statement.

One is that, when I thought about it, I literally have close to forty years of successful experiences working with a whole plethora of diverse people in a variety of different situations. A track record of building teams, managing projects, developing business strategy, and honing client relationships. As a teenager I was a musical prodigy and band leader. I started my twenties running a mobile entertainment (DJ) service to put myself through school and then launched a video production company to end the decade. That paved the way for my thirties as I watched the trends and moved into multimedia production, only to finish that decade completely immersed in a connected version of developing web-centric software and architectures. Fortunately I was able to do that part-time in my forties as I took on the final frontier and focused my time on being a parent. And now that my youngest is becoming an adult and going off to school I have the luxury of focusing on myself and, even better, spreading the wisdom I have gained along the way.

The final aspect in this genesis story is the self-fulfilling prophecy. I was able to develop the self-esteem and self-confidence concept because, well, I had a lot of both. Thanks to a huge array of beneficial demographics - from being the first male born into a white, middle class American family to a host of other serendipitous experiences - and the resulting situations that those base elements fostered. I realized very early on that I experience life differently than most. If you choose to accept 4Sight as valid, the new world you'll begin to see will amaze you. And then you'll understand what I've been watching for the past half-a-century. It's a whole other planet.

To wrap this up, I’ll tell you that I worry about conceit being perceived. I don’t wish to be viewed as arrogant. Still, this country rewards bold. And, to some extent, I’ve held back going further because I haven’t wanted to put myself out there like that. Nonetheless, as a very good person used to regularly remind me, it isn’t cocky if you can back it up. And I can do that and then some.

I’ve proven my abilities again and again in teams and sometimes in small businesses and even with departments. The last challenge is to take on a company although there’s little concern for me there. Part of that is because, again, it’s the nature of who I am. Over promise and still deliver in excess of that. And the other part is that I have all the necessary pieces. I have the building blocks and the process. And the key to the latter is having the right objective and knowing that you don’t have the solution because there is no such thing. Just like RAD has taught the world, you need to constantly use feedback and adjust along the way. And as long as you do that success is guaranteed. That’s because solutions are merely the combination of multiple successes along the way with all parties involved while handling obstacles, not as reasons to stop, but as challenges to overcome. Progress means movement and can only occur with action. And as long as you follow this methodology, failure becomes impossible. It is overcome and removed. Getting where you want to go is only a matter of time and resources. The future is certain.

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