4Sight Series #1

Working title: The Invisible Virus, a 4-part article series.
Other titles: The Conflict Conspiracy. Emotional Evolution. The Bad Behavior Epidemic.

  1. "Your Self" Inaccuracies
  2. "Your Circle" Conflict
  3. "Your Group" Re(s/v)olution
  4. "Your World" When Empires Crumble

Conflict. Drama. Stress. They abound. If we're fortunate enough to avoid it with our family and friends - and most of us are not that lucky - we're still going to run into it at work and in our community. And if that's not overwhelming, there's always plenty to be had in our nation and the world around us. It is omnpresent. It's not good. And it literally, directly and indirectly, kills.

Unfortunately, conflict is the invisible virus we've come to expect and do little to eradicate. Daily we deal with it's common colds. Yearly it erupts into a flu. Yet, somehow we seem to be blind to it's presence. We certainly have no vaccine. We just expect it as a part of life, failing to analyze the source, let alone come up with a cure. Something can be done. Something must be done. And so the "Invisible Virus" series was born.

If you have the time...

The 4Sight 4-Part series is targeted towards a general American audience. If your publication is not interested in our content, we'd still like to hear from you. If you’d like to offer feedback we’ve assembled the list of questions below to give you an idea of what we’d like to know although any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

  1. After reading all four articles, what would you say were the objectives of the series? List as many as you’d like.
  2. Do you feel any parts were confusing? If yes, please send the article(s) back with the text in question bolded/italicized/colored or otherwise distinguished so I can see what sections you’re talking about.
  3. Is there anything, i.e. talking points, you feel should be removed from or added to the series?
  4. Tell us what articles or parts of where you agree or disagree.

Thank you in advance for your time.
Sincerely, David Straub, Founder of the 4Sight Model.

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