4Sight: Resiliency Retrofitting

The big one may already be here and that idea is a bit spooky.
The theory that Trump was appointed by God is not that uncommon within evangelical circles.

In case you haven’t read the story there’s a great article about the Cascadia subduction zone and how an overdue shift from it will result in an earthquake that may decimate the Pacific Northwest. Well let me tell you, that’s a great analogy to what is going on in our country today.

You see, I’m the founder or the 4Sight Model, a new way of looking at how people think and what drives their behavior. The insights gained from this discovery are incredible, especially when you relate it to our country’s current dilemma. The fable starts here.

6 / 6 + 6 / 6 + 6 + 6
If this equation isn’t familiar to you, perhaps this date will be:
June 12, '18
If this date isn’t familiar to you, let me end the suspense. It’s when the supposed summit between the US and North Korea is supposed to occur. Intrigued? Let’s get back to the quake.

The thing I learned about people is that when the get triggered - when the feel something strongly and their higher-level thinking fails to manage the response - they can do and say some pretty outlandish things. These are akin to tremors as, depending upon how emotionally resilient you are, or aren’t, every time there’s some disruption in the world around you it can literally shake you up.

If you’ve heard of Seismic upgrading - where you prepare a structure for a powerful earthquake - then you’re in luck, because the emotional equivalent is available in 4Sight. However, like this concept, a mere introduction to the engineering won’t be enough. You will actually need to do some work to become near invulnerable. That effort is dependent upon where you’re at now. In all cases it can be done, although it may take a bit. Regardless, it is more than worth the effort as you’ll be able withstand a great deal.

As for June 12, we’ll, the great San Andreas fault is already here. And just like the biblical event, beelzebub is at the helm and much of the religious base is enabling our demise. The ultimate test is your honesty; how accurately are you perceiving the world around you and the people within it. Because if you’re behaving poorly in the name of god your apocalypse may already be upon you.

As for me, I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in such things. I’m also very honest and am not guilty of the reprehensible behavior in which others regularly. So merely thinking you have it right and asking for forgiveness Won’t be enough. You’ll need to repair the fissures, then do the right thing going forward. I can’t say why Hawaii is erupting or sinkholes are appearing at the White House. But if you’re one of those folk who looks to revelations, maybe it’s all just coincidental timing to aid the opening of your eyes. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s the real thing. Regardless, you may want to hold on as the devil may be in a house of white, using your ignorance against you.

Happy Trails!

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