User Study
A limited availability user study to validate the Model.

Dissatisfied with or disinterested in therapy?

4Sight has created an organic approach to behavioral health; Emotional Alignment. A common-sense, educational-based system for understanding how your mind works and getting it under control. We are especially looking for people who have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

How it will work
You will download our app - currently in the design phase of a major 2.0 release - which will enable you to submit before and after program surveys, submit weekly updates and coordinate video conference calls. We will have up to five weekly or every other week online sessions where we will cover our content and help you integrate it into your specific situation.

If at any point during the program you lose interest or feel it is not for you, simply let us know and you will be done. There is no commitment to finish nor responsibility to explain to us why you are dropping out. Zero pressure.

For the first go-around this will not be a paid opportunity. Instead, the coaching you receive free-of-charge will be designated as your reward for participation.

Next Step
If this sounds of interest to you, email us at study@4SightModel.com with any questions you may have and to see if space is available. If we are both willing to proceed, we will have you download our App version 1.8 which is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

We look forward to hearing from you as we begin to disrupt the field of mental healthcare!

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