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4Sight ran an experimental podcast series. It's around "resolving conflict" for those of you who might want to hear how 4Sight can be applied to challenges any individual may be facing. If you are experiencing conflict - at home, with friends, at work, in a relationship, it doesn’t matter - and would like unique and helpful guidance in exchange for being recorded for a Podcast, send an email to founder@4SightModel.com. We also have more background on the origins of this series.

Podcast 1: Relationship Ending Paralysis
An interview with a person who is trying to end a relationship but hasn't been able to.

Podcast 2: Deailing with relationship conflict

Podcast 3: A young woman is looking to remake life after a traumatic childhood

Podcast 4: A young woman is torn about having given custody to her baby-daddy

Podcast 5: A woman is looking to better manage her aggressive nature

Podcast 6: An older man is challenged navigating a casual relationship with a younger woman

Podcast 7: A young man is overcoming an issue with substance abuse

Podcast 8: An indecisive young woman is trying to increase her independence while in a relationship

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