4Sight: the Emotional Distraction FactorTM (EDF) at Work

We all have an EDF, although, in this context, we are talking about your workforce. Individually, it will have some negative effect. In a group situation, the impact can be enormous. That's because, every day, the total emotional well-being of all your employees affects your business in many ways. And that's why 4Sight has designed programs to help your workforce understand this cycle so that the EDF can be identified and managed, reducing if not eliminating its undesirable influences.

What is the Emotional Distraction Factor (EDF)?
Our consciousness comprises two processes: looking at the past - our self-esteem - and planning for the future - our self-confidence. Deficiencies in either of these processes - triggers that drive emotional reactions - impact our behavior in undesirable ways in what we refer to as our EDF. Emotions should influence our behavior, but they need to be managed. When emotions drive or are our behavior, we run into problems. 4Sight refers to this as your EDF.

How does an EDF impact an employee?

Every aspect of communication is impacted by what we say and how we perceive our environment. EDF can inaccurately skew that perception.

Emotional triggers can easily lead to unhelpful thought patterns that take up a lot of time, wasting brain cycles that could and should be used elsewhere.

The feelings behind these thought patterns can drive us to avoid or dismiss interaction with others, leading to self-involved work silos.

Thoughts made in silos or with skewed perceptions lead to decisions made with incomplete or incorrect information, which results in action that is also sub-par. Similarly, work done under stress is often below the best of what we are capable.

An employee’s internal emotional turmoil can easily spread to others - disparaging words, negative responses, a poor attitude, etc. - triggering the EDF of peers.

In the worst instance, a person’s emotionally driven behavior can lead them to say and do things that are unacceptable to any corporate culture, and may even rise to the level of creating a legal liability. Hostile work environments and sexual harassment are two primary examples of EDF.

The 4Sight Model shows your employees the causes and consequences of their undesirable behavior. By understanding emotional triggers when they happen, they can begin to manage the emotion rather than letting it become their behavior. In a supportive and team-based environment, the integration can occur quickly as employees recognize how they limit themselves and each other.

4Sight is a radical new approach to understanding how we all behave. It’s simple and accessible while also being astonishingly powerful. 4Sight will take the guesswork out of behavior. Contact us today. You will be glad you did.

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