4Sight Services: The Assessment Challenge

What is your HR challenge, your biggest people-problem? A star performer who's also a difficult employee? Maybe a team or a department with important responsibilities where progress is stagnated? Or progress is occurring and so is lots of conflict? While the solution may seem unattainable to you, we know that we can get to the bottom quickly with 4Sight.

A 4Sight engagement begins with discovery. We listen to where you're wanting help. We determine the moving parts and quickly focus on a strategy. While a corporate-wide program may be too much for you to start, a targeted task may be the perfect test-case. Regardless, the method of determining the root of the conflict occurring is the same. Top-down or bottom-up, the direction is up to you. We focus on progress.

Analysis, once you understand 4Sight, is straightforward, although implementing it in the exacting fashion needed requires training. We talk about things in general as well as the matter at hand. Problems will be rooted in the 5D's and represented in cognitive distortions (CD's). 100% of the time. Always. CD's are the coping mechanism used to reconcile inacccuracies when looking at the past or planning for the future. Forced to use logic, common sense, and truths/facts, the solution becomes academic and the pursuit of it becomes a choice. We can't force someone to behave in a civil and professional manner. However, we can make them acknowledge their abuse and decide if they want it to continue. It is always a personal decision.

At the very least, no matter how much you read on the web site, you'll want to hear about 4Sight in person. Our content may give you a glimmer of the potential of our services, but there is nothing quite like seeing it in person. And while the discovery alone may sell you on our benefits, seeing 4Sight in action with people is a wholly unique experience if you are able to set that up during out initial visit. We've done it enough times that - although it comes easy to us - we know that those who are witness will be impressed. What's the core issue, how can you get through to those involved, how can a positive end-result be affected? What is fuzzy, ambiguous, or unclear to others is patently obvious to us. Every time. If you truly wish for your employees to be accountable, and they wish to be held to a modicum of professionalism, we can get you there. Guaranteed.

4Sight is all about getting things down to their fundamantal elements where the choices are their most basic. We won't choose the path your people will follow, but we can make them select the destination. We will resolve the conflict even if you're not sure what the root cause is. That's what we do.

4Sight. Taking the guesswork out of behaviorTM.

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