4Sight: Experience Protection Programs (EPP’s)

We're introducing a new concept to help prospective clients understand the 4Sight value proposition. The reasoning is very simple. We have entered an era where inappropriate behavior is being questioned on a regular basis and at a national level. As a result, we need to define what our general societal and cultural expectations are *and* what we can do to obtain and maintain them. Each of the following groups has an entity they should be looking out for:

  1. For businesses externally, a Customer EPP
    For groups like mass-transit organizations and retailers where the customer is the general public using a service or consuming/buying a product.
  2. For businesses internally, an Employee EPP
    For law firms or HR departments who help companies develop and implement staff handbooks.
  3. For government, a Citizen EPP
    For entities at both the local and state level.
  4. And for communities, a Family EPP
    For parents, religious institutions and neighborhood groups.

Programs are meants to be custom designed with any or all of the components below, each with its own potential monitoring system and piloted / phased in approach:

  • Etiquette policy to determine and define what environment and/or behavior is expected.
  • Staff training seminars (for clerks, executives, management, staff...) to enable the environment.
  • Recipient messaging campaigns (for consumers, employees, citizens...) to promote the expected behavior.
  • Feedback systems for staff and recipients to determine effectiveness and ensure that policy is being maintained and preferably improved.
  • Prevention via our Emotional Deficit Distraction System (EDDS).
  • Outreach programs for persons in any group (homeless, harassers, protesters...) who are unable to meet the desired environment and behavior.

Contact us today to open a dialog. We're happy to help you learn more about navigating this new and socially turbulent time period.

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