4Sight Seminar: Promote Parenting

Raise emotionally healthy children.

Recommended prerequisites:
Introduction to the 4Sight Model of Behavior

Goal: guidelines for enabling the core skills your child needs to be successful in life: self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Golden Rule, Guidelines for Adults, and Building Resiliency in your child.

There is no rulebook for how to be a parent. Even if we have some ideas on how to do that, we won't even know if they are right until our children are adults when we can see how they fare. And even as adults, there is no uniform way of gauging how they are doing. In response to that 4Sight has created some guidelines on what should be expected of all adults based upon the objective which all societies are founded and all people are agreed: the Golden Rule.

Once the goal is agreed upon, the question then becomes how do you get there. In order to survive in this world you need the desire - your self-esteem (SE) - as well as the ability - your self-confidence (SC) - to do so. When the necessary words and action aren't easy to determine or execute, your resiliency comes into play. And your resiliency is really just a way of measuring how well your SE and SC perform.

Finally, we cover the method for building a child's resiliency. It is based upon building their SE and SC with ever increasing responsibility and complexity. Don't worry about getting it perfect, though. As long as you persevere and adjust along the way - which most importantly includes admitting when you got it wrong - your children will be forgiving and and loyal. After all, if you're okay with not being perfect but always strive to do what's right, they'll be even more comfortable with doing the same. And that's the key to life.

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