4Sight Services Details for Companies

There are multiple ways to engage 4Sight. At the very least we recommend all prospects have us in for a free one-hour consultation. During that time we will quickly demonstrate the power and potential of the concept. We can also help you better identify how to best integrate our solutions into your operations to maximize what we do. The questions below will help direct how that will be determined.

The Goal
How can we help your organization? Is there a problem you want to correct, a symptom you want to analyse, a metric you want to improve, or a more loftier corporate morale objective you'd like to achieve? 4Sight programs can be general, a new tool for your workforce, or specific, with a targeted end result in mind. We can also be the problem solver, working directly with the area of interest, or we can train-the-trainer, as when we work with an HR Department to help them distribute 4Sight to the larger organization.

The Audience
The goal can largely determine how comprehensive and widespread our programs are designed and distributed. They can be for the whole organization or an entire division. Or more directed like for a department or a team. We can even limit work to key individuals or a single person, especially if you'd like more of a test run for our initial interactions.

The Cycle
Engagements can be a one-time arrangement ranging from an hour to a full day, and even a full-week for a medium-sized program. For larger programs, especially when you want to effect corporate change, a regular weekly or monthly schedule can be setup so that we can monitor and ensure the day-to-day practices that will help 4Sight impact the way you do business.

The Services
The items above can help us assemble a custom series as your organization's program if one of our pre-planned programs doesn't meet your needs. We also have a number of pre-planned seminars if you're looking to plant seeds within your organization to see if a more involved program is of interest. Normally, though, the Founder will be your sole contact and provider of any presentations, interactive classes, training sessions, and one-on-one counseling that is provided. The full array of web content is always at your disposal and we're always happy to provide more content - whether it's for everyone and we post it to the web or exclusive to your organization and distributed however you prefer - as it becomes evident or requested during your program engagement. And we also have an app that we'd like to pilot for one of our larger programs if you're open to helping us work through the design.

Our end goal is to make sure that 4Sight achieves your goal and that change doesn't happen overnight. Accountabilty requires a persistence that must be integrated into your daily operations. We can tell and teach your staff how to do that. And we can also provide that survey and follow-up program as well. Let us help you take the guesswork out of behavior by putting the 4Sight in your organization today.

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