4Sight Seminars for Business

4Sight seminars for Business are one-hour presentations that are bundled together and customized for use in programs directed at companies/organizations.

Introduction to the 4Sight Model of Behavior
This base seminar is the foundation for all other seminars.

The 4Sight Process, Internal Focus (a/k/a Introduction to the 4Sight Process)
This seminar is given in a general form as well as focused versions for self-esteem and self-confidence issues.

The 4Sight Process, External Focus (for parents, partners and managers)
This seminar helps you to improve your interactions with others.

Using 4Sight Within an Organization
The culture that must be present in order for the 4Sight process to be effective.

4Sight for Parents
A non-corporate presentation for the general public focused on how to raise children that will be happy and independent adults.

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